Trosky Castle – 2 Remarkable Towers on Extraordinary Site

Trosky Castle

Get to know unreal Trosky Castle! It will impress and enchant you. You’ll just love it. And I bet you’ll remember it for a long time!

Let me take you on a day trip that combines a visit to Trosky castle with a scenic stroll among the rocks of Bohemian Paradise. Continue reading to find out more, and don’t forget to add this trip to your travel Czechlist!

Rocky Bohemian Paradise

Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj in Czech) is a quite large protected landscape area that is famous for its bizarre sandstone rock formations. Rock pillars, shaped by wind, water, and frost. Deep valleys and quiet forests with picturesque ponds. Traditional folk architecture and many historical monuments. This is how Bohemian Paradise looks like! Thanks to its uniqueness, this area belongs to the UNESCO Global Geoparks. You really shouldn’t miss it during your stay in the Czech Republic!

Castle with an extraordinary location

Iconic Trosky Castle is one of the most famous Czech Gothic castles. You will be able to recognize its contours from a far distance! Because of its exceptional appearance, it has become a symbol of the Bohemian Paradise.

The position of Trosky (meaning ruins or remnants in Czech) is very unusual – it’s standing on two huge rock towers of a volcanic origin. During the Tertiary (17 million years ago), magma from below the Earth’s surface made its way through sandstone sediments and created two basalt volcanic plugs. Today’s shape of the hill is a consequence of erosion, which washed away the covering soil and other softer rocks and exposed the former volcanic necks.

Short history of Trosky Castle

This well-designed structure, cleverly wedged between two rocks, was founded in the second half of the 14th century by Čeněk of Wartenberg. He constucted here two towers, one on top of each rock. Between them stood a residential palace and other buildings. Three rings of fortified walls protected this complex. The detailed castle’s history is described here.

Trosky Castle Baba Tower
Baba Tower

The location on two steep basalt rocks made the Trosky Castle difficult to conquer. However, no fortress can resist the hands of time, so even Trosky began to gradually fall into ruin after it had been abandoned in the 16th century.

But don’t worry! Both the castle towers and remnants of the former palace has been preserved to this day, and you can visit them within the opening hours. The entrance fee is 100 CZK, and it’s absolutely worth it.

What to do in Trosky Castle?

There is no guided tour of the castle. Explore it by yourself, take pictures and have fun!

Once you walk through the second gate, you will find yourself in the Inner Castle area. From here to the right, there is the lower of the two towers. Its name is Baba, which means Old Woman. You can climb a wooden staircase up to the top and enjoy the view of the surrounding landscape out of the remnants of medieval windows.

After you come down, explore the other side of the castle. Walk up a small staircase first. On the left side, there is a place where the main residential palace once stood. It had four levels and timber ceilings. You can notice holes in walls in the places where the individual floors used to be.

Trosky Castle Panna Tower
Panna Tower

Then continue up to the viewpoint under the second tower. This one is called Panna (Maiden). You need to walk up a spiral staircase, which was built only in the middle of the 19th century when Trosky became a popular tourist destination.

On the castle grounds, there is a stand where you can buy some drinks and food (soups, hot dogs). There is also a small restaurant in the tourist cottage just below the castle. Another restaurant is located close to the parking lot.

But that’s not all!

Wait, I promised you a romantic stroll, right?

I hope you still have a lot of energy after climbing all those stairs! Not far from Trosky, you’ll find a picturesque valley (Věžické údolí). The path here is leading around rocks and ponds and wetlands. The scenery is very lovely!

See the map and description below.

Bohemian Paridise Vezak pond
Věžák Pond

How to get to Trosky

There’re more options on how to get to Trosky Castle. The shortest green-colored hiking trail from the train stop in Ktová is only 2 km long. But decide on a longer but very scenic route from the south, that starts in the town of Mladějov!

This hike to the Trosky Castle is 5,5 km long and shouldn’t take more than 2 hours. From the train station, follow the green signs to the next signpost. From there, the blue trail will lead you through a rocky valley to a pond. Then, you’ll have two options on how to get to the village under the castle.

The green route offers a nice view of the castle in the distance. The blue one is slightly longer and leads through a forest (that can be very nice in a hot summer). Both paths come together below the castle. Now you’re very close! The section from here uphill to Trosky takes about half an hour.

Don’t miss the rocks!

After the visit to the castle, I recommend descending along the red path to Vidlák pond. Then continue along the yellow trail and enjoy the scenery. In less than one hour, you’ll reach beautiful Věžák Pond with sandstone towers behind it.

Now you need to walk about 1 km along a road. It’s not a busy one, but be careful and keep on the left side of the road. You’ll meet a signpost, but continue walking to the next one. After you cross the bridge over the brook, the red trail will lead you to the train stop in the village of Libošovice. A train stops here approximately once an hour (every two hours on weekends). The hike from the castle to this train stop is 10 km long, and you should complete it in less than 3 hours.

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