Ještěd Mountain – Beautiful Scenery and Cosmic Adventure!

Ještěd Mountain

A trip to Ještěd Mountain is a must-see in Czechia 🤩! Not only because of its amazing hiking trails and a great view. The highlight of this trip is a structure on the mountain top that resembles a spaceship! You will fall in love with this unreal piece of architecture at first sight. What about a picture of you and a cute alien? Read further!

Beloved Ještěd Mountain

You will find this gorgeous trip destination in North Bohemia, about one hour’s ride from Prague. The ridge of Ještěd Mountain rises above the city of Liberec as a wall and is visible from far and wide. The locals love their mountain so much that it represents the whole region as its symbol.

As a local dominant, Ještěd has been a popular trip destination since the 19th century. Today, nobody can imagine it without the futuristic tower built in the 1970s on its top.

Finally, I’m going to tell you what kind of building it is! 😅

Jested Tower

Futuristic tower

The story of the Ještěd Tower begins with a sad event. Until the 1960s, two wooden buildings had been standing on the summit – a mountain hut and a hotel with a lookout tower. By accident, they both burned to the ground.

But Ještěd couldn’t stay bare! It was decided to build a new hotel with a restaurant. And in addition to that, another building that would serve as a TV signal transmitter.

Such a task needs good architects! Because of that, architectural competition for the building’s design was announced. 11 architects took part, but only one could win! The best project was that of Karel Hubáček. He was the only one who came with the revolutionary idea to integrate all these functions into one single building!

The construction took 7 years, and several new technologies and materials were used here for the first time. Even before the tower was finished, its author had been awarded the prestigious Auguste Perret Prize of the International Union of Architects! The award ceremony was to take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Unfortunately, the then communist regime forbade Karel Hubáček to travel there.

Jested Tower restaurant
Restaurant in the Ještěd Tower

On foot or by cable car?

Besides the tower, Ještěd Mountain comes with another technical invention – the cable car! And not just an ordinary one. This one has been operating since 1933! It will take you from the foot of the mountain in Liberec up to the tower. The ride takes 4 minutes, and it’s fun!

Learn more about the cable car and check the price here.

Why should you visit Ještěd Mountain?

It doesn’t matter if you’re into hiking or not. There are things to do for everyone all year round!

Visiting the tower is a must! It’s very photogenic both from the outside and inside. The original interior design of the hotel and the restaurant comes from Otakar Binar. Have lunch, beer, or just a cup of great coffee here and enjoy the view from the futuristic windows!

Ještěd Alien

Take a picture with a Martian

Not far from the “spaceship“, you’ll come across a bronze statue of a Martian child. The poor little boy is crying because he’s got lost. Hug him, and don’t forget to take a picture with that cute alien!

Enjoy amazing hiking trails

The tower itself is busy and touristy in a good sense. But you will find quiet places on Ještěd Mountain, too!

On the western slope of the hill, descend to Červený kámen (“The Red Rock“). This great viewpoint has got its name after the color of the local stone. You’ll have a nice view of the tower from here. Another site worth seeing is Kamenná vrata (“The Stone Gate”).

Stone Gate
Kamenná vrata – The Stone Gate

How to get to Ještěd Mountain

Liberec is easily accessible by bus from Prague (from the bus terminal Černý Most). Buses run every hour or even more often. After a 1-hour ride, you need to get off at the bus terminal in the Liberec city center (Terminal Fügnerova) and change to tram No. 3 going in the direction Horní Hanychov. Tram tickets can be purchased in a vending machine at the tram station or inside the tram. In about 15 minutes, you’ll reach the terminus. Get off the tram. Ještěd Mountain will be right in front of you!

Now, you have two options. You can head off on foot to the summit along the blue trail (it takes under 2 hours), or you can go by cable car. Its lower station is located approximately 1 km away from the tram stop. Follow the crowd or signs showing the direction.

You can take the cable car for the way back, too. But I highly recommend using one of several hiking trails for your descent (see the map above). But only if you have a good pair of shoes on!

The Red Rock is located on a short branch close to the yellow trail, the Stone Gate as well. Have fun!

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