Hiking Map of the Czech Republic for FREE!

hiking map Czech Republic

Are you looking for a hiking map of the Czech Republic? Read further and learn where to find the best map app. It will help you plan your trips not only in Czechia but in the whole world! Download it into your phone and enjoy all its amazing features. It’s completely for free, ta-da!

Czech hiking trails and maps

Didn’t you miss the post about Czech hiking trails? You could read there more about printed hiking maps and learn where to buy them.

In this post, you’ll find out where to find a free digital version of the map showing all hiking trails in the Czech Republic.

Oh my, I really love that map, and you will like it too! And once you get familiar with it, you’ll not want to use any other. 😃

Where to find the best hiking map of the Czech Republic

That amazing hiking map is a part of a set of online maps called Mapy.cz, run by the Czech company Seznam.cz.

You can use this map online in your browser, but more importantly, you can download it into your phone and use it offline on your trips!

Hiking map for your PC

If you prefer planning your trip over a map on your computer, the web browser version is the right choice. Click here to open the map in a new tab, and let’s take a look at how it works.

The red, blue, green, or yellow lines show hiking trails. Besides these, you can see many different symbols representing other important points (like train and bus stations, viewpoints, museums, grocery stores, and so on). If you click on one of them, a left sidebar with detailed information will appear.

Plan your own trip

One of the features I use the most is the Planning function. You can find it on the left sidebar menu. To plan a hike, click on the picture of a hiker first. Underneath, a small menu will appear. Now, you can decide if you want to walk along a hiking trail (tourist) or if you prefer the shortest path.

Enter the start- and endpoints by writing a text (e.g., an address) or simply by clicking on the map. You may enter as many waypoints as you need. Afterward, you will get your trip’s distance and duration.

If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see a button “Altitude profile“. Click on it, and small graphic showing info on elevation will appear.

Once you’ve finished planning, you can save your route, export it to GPX/KML format, or share it with your friends. Or put it on your website as I do! 😉

There are many other tools on this website. Take a look and have fun exploring!

The mobile app Mapy.cz (© Seznam.cz, a.s., © OpenStreetMap Contributors)

Hiking map in your pocket – the mobile app

OK, the browser version works perfectly when you’re at home and online. But what if you want to use the map outdoors? When you’re abroad, using mobile data might be quite expensive. 🤔

Here’s an easy answer – install the mobile app! You can get it in the app store (iOS, Android). Once you have installed it, you can download maps for offline use! 👍

The area of the Czech Republic is divided into 14 separate regional maps, so you can pick out and download just the map you need. Before you start downloading, the app will ask you if you want to save the maps to your phone or memory card.

Both trips planning and voice navigation in several languages work in the offline mode!

Use it all over the world

Do you like the features and graphics of Mapy.cz? Use it in other countries as well! You can browse or download maps of the whole world. The data outside the Czech Republic come from OpenStreetMap.

Now, it’s your turn! Install this amazing and essential travel tool into your phone and let me know, how you like it! ⬇️ 😉


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