How to Search for Public Transport Timetables in Czechia?

Public transport timetables Czechia

Are you looking for public transport timetables for your travels around Czechia 🇨🇿? In this post, I’m going to show you the best website and mobile app, that will help you find any train or bus connection. It’s pretty easy! Read further!

It won’t let you down

If you travel abroad a lot, you’ve probably already experienced that situation. You needed to get from A to B in a foreign country. So, you used your favorite search engine and found a website with timetables. You jumped for joy because the page had an English version (yay!) and because you found a great bus connection.

Then, you were waiting at the bus stop, but the bus never arrived. Sound this familiar to you?

The website I’m going to show you will not let you down. It just works 😎!

Public Transport Timetables in Czechia

So, without further ado, let’s go to IDOS.CZ.

Public transport timetables Czechia
IDOS.CZ Timetables

The advantage of this website is that it collects data from all public transport providers in the Czech Republic! That means you’ll find here not only information on a particular train or bus schedule. You can also search here for an optimal connection from A to B using a combination of both trains and buses! And it has one more extra benefit. You can buy here tickets from the biggest public transport providers!

For your travels, install the IDOS app on your phone (iOS, Android).

How does it work?

The app is pretty intuitive, so I’m not about to describe all its features. But let’s have a look at how it works. In the example below, I’m going to show you how to search for a connection to Trosky Castle.

You can choose if you want to search by departure or arrival. Enter the starting and ending point manually (you need to know the name of the town or particular stop – find it on or look it up with the map tool. The map tool is available in the app only (you’ll find a map icon at the field From/To). If your GPS is on, the app can detect the closest stop automatically.

After you press the search button, several connections will appear. The symbols will tell you if the journey is by train or bus. If there is a shopping cart next to the train/bus number, it means that you can buy the ticket right in the app. A small number next to the station/stop name indicates the number of the platform the vehicle is leaving from.

Click on the connection you like the most. You will find more detailed information on each leg of the journey here. If you’re happy with it, you can save it into your calendar or set a notification.

Does the app work offline?

To search for a timetable, you have to be online. The app wants to show you up-to-date information, and it wouldn’t be possible in the offline mode.

Later, even offline, you will be able to browse through the last 6 searched connections. You’ll also see your current position on the route map (if you have turned your GPS on and previously downloaded the right Google Map tile).

Czech Republic regional train

If you’re using mobile data, or you’re traveling on a train or bus with Wi-Fi, you can see live data, including possible delays.

Often, you can buy tickets directly in the IDOS application. If you’re in the Czech Republic for a short period of time only, it’s basically all you need. In one of my next posts, you’ll find more detailed information on other options.

Use common sense

IDOS is a great tool, but it’s still a machine. When you look for a timetable, don’t forget to use common sense 😉.

Especially, pay attention to transfer times. If a train is delayed, the connecting train usually waits for its arrival. But it’s mostly not the case for buses or combinations train+bus (because they are operated by different companies).

Always make sure there is enough time to catch the connecting train/bus in case the vehicle is several minutes delayed. Look up in advance how often the train/bus runs, and how long would you possibly wait for the next one if you miss it.

Now, it’s your turn:

Where do you usually search for public transport timetables? Does it always work? Do you have any funny stories from abroad? 🙃 Leave me a comment! ⬇️


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