The girl with red hair, who is grinning at you from the picture ⬇️, is me, Nikola, the author of My Travel Czechlist.

Who am I?

  • independent traveler, born and raised in the Czech Republic
  • avid trip planner, thinking about new adventures and destinations all the time
  • geographer and cartographer believing in the power of maps
  • enthusiastic hiker who loves spending time outdoors
  • licensed tour guide passionate about Czech history

Why do I write this blog?

I know how you have found yourself here. You’re planning a visit to the Czech Republic 🇨🇿 and you’re looking for inspiration and a good source of information!

I know how tricky it may be. Especially if you’re traveling on your own and you don’t know the language. Visiting touristy places described in a pocket guide is awesome, but what if you want to experience something more?

My blog is here to share my knowledge and experience with you! Let me help you get familiar with how the locals travel in Czechia!

What do I love (besides traveling)?

👍 Rays of sunshine, the smell of fresh coffee, old castles, views from above, minimalism, map design, listening to salsa music while cooking, eating seafood & garlic, reading funny comments on serious topics.

And what I don’t like?

👎 Winter blues, getting up in the dark, waiting for a long time, wrong information, insincere people. And spiders!

My Travel Czechlist

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